lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

Wht is your personality type?

My personality is:

somewhat complicated, I like Deegan and Caten functions to it, I am a dominant and unsympathetic when they deliver what they say. I cvomo theArtit dinde this showbiz I am. not all the time it operates, but I love having fans.

I have a bit of each of the characters in the book example, since I'm a bitestrovertida and dominant.

things I dislike

these are things I dislike

I do not like the canned music when I sleep. I do not like to hear about ghosts when Isleep. I gus cold on the beach. I do not like dating in a public play. I like to read. I do not like I wake up early. m not like it when they say no and I do not like waiting when I left.


¡Invitation to play soccer!

Isamar:¿do you like soccer?
Luis: yes, i love it. ¿and you?
Isamar: yes, i love and play very well
Luis: really? Me too. Do ypu want to play soccer this afternoon?
Isamar: sure, i´d love to! There are soccer courts near the stundtn union. Let´s play there.  

When you travel on vaction need

this is what I need to travel on vacation.

  • Get a passport
  • by a plane ticket
  • paek our suit cases 
  • check into your hotel
  • unpack
  • rent a car
  • go sightseeing
  • take photos
  • show photos to friends
addition to the resources I use difrutar, take pictures and visit many places wherethe maximum difrutare

On vacation

I want to visit countries

  • EE,UU
Activities of mexico.

Like    drama, improvitation musical anda dance song

Philips Restaurant & Bar
Mexican food specialties such as tacos, quesadillas, avocado. Also salads, fajitas, steaks and seafood. Making weddings and events with decorations, linens, live music. Puerto Vallarta.
Natural park with accommodation, recreation, camping, spa and relaxation.Holding events and conventions and diving school. Tlaltizapan.
Natural park with accommodation, recreation, camping, spa and relaxation.Holding events and conventions and diving school. Tlaltizapan

Sunny days cool evening all year in summer, it´s 12°c /26°f 

lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

My favorite store to buy sneaker

what´s the name of the place?

What kind of store is it?  
is a sporting goods store

What can you buy there?
bought sneaker,  bags, shirts, sports clothing, among other things

Where is it
is it maracaibo in C.C sambil and galerias 

Why do you like it? 
I like i because there i find my favorite sneaker and bags       

           My favorite place to buy tires is in store Nike, is here in maracaibo in C,C Sambil and galleries. This store sells sneaker, bags, shirts and all clothing for athletes, and all theirmerchandise is quality!                                                                                                                                                             

Let´s go shopping in supermarket

At home always made the purchase in the supermarket center 99, a market to buy foodstuffsin general for the home. Try these: chicken, meat, eggs cheese, ham, yellow cheese, pasta, rice, grains, flour, butter, mayonnaise, tuna, sugar, juice, soda, toilet paper, bath soap, disinfectants and more. ..
"eye" would buy all the supplies for the home, but buy what you are.